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Presentation Template – Canva Template


Check out this slick and minimal presentation template designed to be the chameleon of your needs.

Whether you want to roll with it as is or shake things up – duplicate pages, toss some out, play musical chairs with the layout – it’s all fair game. This presentation template is your canvas for pitching a product, rocking a webinar, dropping knowledge in an info deck, or any other presentation vibe you’re chasing. The sky’s the limit!

Feel free to drop in your own content, swap out images, play with fonts and colors – basically, mold this template to match the flavor of each new project. Easy customization, endless possibilities.


  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Welcome
  • About Me
  • About this Presentation

Section 1 Divider

  • Details (information page)
  • Numbers (information page)
  • Conclusion (information page)
  • Quote Page

Section 2 Divider

  • Step One (information page)
  • Step Two (information page)
  • Step Three (information page)
  • Quote Page
  • Back Cover

Score your purchase, and bam! Instant access to snag a PDF loaded with the link to your Canva template. Dive in and unleash your creative ninja – tweak colors, fonts, images, and layout to mold this template into your business’s ultimate cool factor.

All you need is a FREE Canva account. Sign up is easy! 

The branding fonts used are available in Canva or you can pick a new Canva font to use if you wish.

Feel the freedom to switch up all the images. If you’re rocking a Canva Pro account, the included photos are your playground.

Given the digital vibe of our templates, we’re riding the no-returns, no-exchanges wave. Once you’ve snagged your purchase, refunds are off the table. Got questions? Hit us up directly, and let’s keep the digital vibe going.


Will I need to purchase anything extra on top of the template?

Nope! All you need is a free Canva account to use these templates.

Who are these templates for?

The templates were created for small business owners, social media managers, virtual assistants, content creators and entrepreneurs to take the stress out of branding, marketing and social media.

How do I customize it?

Access the template in Canva via the PDF you receive after your purchase and replace the generic content with your own.

What can I customise?

You can move, edit or delete the existing frames and text. When it comes to colors, you can change the entire color palette to suit your needs. Canva makes it super easy to change everything and anything, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

the small print

Important: Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds or exchanges are offered. Please contact us if you need support or have a question. This design may not be sold or shared in any form.

Note: Mock-ups and images are not included.