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This is the place to get some answers to your burning questions. We’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of our most frequently asked questions with all the deets you need. So, go ahead and dive in, pals! And, if we didn’t cover something you’re still wondering about, hit us up and we’ll get you sorted out.

We’ve creatively designed our Canva templates to enable you to create a polished design, quick & easy.

First, you choose a template and complete the purcahse. 

Open the PDF you receive upon purcahse and gain instant access to the template link. 

Then you’ll open the link in Canva and easily begin customizing the fonts, colors and images. Upload your text to each page. 

Finally, you’ll export your template. Send it to your client or create a social media post. You can reuse the template again, and again, and again! 

Yes! Canva allows you to add/edit colors, choose new fonts and upload images and videos!

Payment is made securely using Stripe. You will be sent an immediate confirmation email along with your download link.

It is 100% safe and secure.

Nada! Your payment deets are locked down tight, super hush-hush. The only thing we’re holding onto is your email, but that’s only if you’re vibing with our newsletter. Expect monthly drops of designer wisdom, exclusive previews of fresh stuff, and early dibs on freebies and products!

Your info is Fort Knox-level safe, and we’re tighter than a secret society about sharing. Feel free to bail on the newsletter anytime you want.

As this is a digital product, no refunds or exchanges will be given.

If you’re having any issues accessing the templates or downloading the required zip files, please get in touch.

Please note, that we take no responsibility for a customers insufficient knowledge of Canva.

In a nutshell, nah. You can’t pass around or peddle these templates in any form—meaning, don’t be the Robin Hood of templates. But hey, feel free to shoot out the link to our Shop and give a shout-out to a fellow small business hustler!